Leeds Says No!

Itís Leeds v. London ...

This May, when you vote, there will be a trick question on your ballot paper.

You will be asked in a devious and cynical way whether you want an Elected Mayor in Leeds. But donít be fooled!

This referendum is being imposed on Leeds by London politicians trying to force an elected mayor on the city.

Local people from all the political parties in Leeds are opposed to an elected mayor because they know it is not right for our city.

An elected mayor would be:

One person would have huge powers to make decisions for the city.

In Leicester an independent panel proposed a 40% pay rise for the mayor to £100,000 to reflect the importance of the position.

The mayor could not be removed for four years even if their performance is terrible making them less accountable to voters.

£250,000 Wasted!

London politicians are wasting an incredible £250,000 to hold this referendum on an Elected Mayor.

At a time of huge budget cuts to vital public services and tax rises for everyone through the increase in VAT this is a disgraceful waste of resources. And if it passes more money will be spent on elections.

Send a message to out-of-touch London politicians about your anger at this waste by voting no to an elected mayor.

Why such a long question?

Instead of using a simple, straight-forward question London politicians have imposed a long and complex one to try and confuse people into voting for an elected mayor. The question on the ballot paper will read:

How would you like Leeds City Council to be run?

By a leader who is an elected councillor chosen by a vote of the other elected councillors. This is how the council is run now.





By a mayor who is elected by voters. This would be a change from how the council is run now.



To stop an unwanted and expensive elected mayor vote for the FIRST of these options.

Elected mayors wield enormous power, and you can't get rid of them for four years, even if they turn out to be useless.

We donít want Doncaster!

An elected mayor has already been tried and been proven to fail in Doncaster.

The Council has performed so poorly since an elected mayor was introduced in 2001 that government inspectors have been called in to run the city.

Do we want that to happen in Leeds?

Both elected mayors have suffered votes of no-confidence but refused to resign.

This has led to constant arguments between the elected mayor and city councilors.

People in Doncaster are so fed up they have demanded a vote on getting rid of the elected mayor.

Donít let this disaster happen in Leeds!

Lack of Interest Says YEP

The Yorkshire Evening Post, Leedsí main newspaper, says there is no interest in an elected mayor in Leeds.

In a stinging editorial they criticised the referendum which has been imposed on the city despite no local support.

We are not alone

Leeds is not alone in this struggle. Other northern cities are also being forced to hold a mayoral referendum when there is no public demand for one. Click these links to view the NO campaigns in Newcastle and Birmingham.

There is a longer, more detailed version of this website at www.aspdin.net/mayor

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